Works by Michael Ome Untiedt

Storm Barn With Nowata's World
30" x 40" Oil Painting
Artist Bio
Denver, CO - Born and raised in rural Colorado, Michael Ome Untiedt maintains a studio in Denver. In his painting he attempts to explain his deep connections to the Western landscape using the color, brush strokes and symbolic subject matter of the paintings. I see Western colors by long light; coyotes, God's dogs, have howled these colors into my soul. I try to convey in my paintings timelessness, a sense of 'at the moment' that is almost eternal.

Untiedt's work, its expressive colors, expressionistic brushworks, and metaphoric imagery tell a wonderful story. Michael has participated in numerous shows including the Colorado Governor's Invitational, Night of the Artists, and the Masters of Montana. He was recipient of the 2005 “Tuffy Berg” Award at the CM Russell Show in Great Falls, Montana.

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