Works by G. Harvey - Bronzes

Mighty Blessed
8" x 10" x 7" Bronze
Artist Bio
G. Harvey has shaped memories with his paintings and sculptures for collectors throughout the world. He is a native Texan and grandson of a cowboy who drove cattle along the Chisholm Trail. From inspiration to creation, every detail of every work is thoroughly considered, both in thought and prayer. Yet, it is the details of expression and artistic interpretation that are the subtle genius behind G. Harvey's pieces. His family heritage, his memories, his faith, all are reflected in his art.
The same emotions that are found in his oil paintings emerge in three dimensions in his sculptures. Within the rigid texture of bronze, he is able to convey motion, feeling, and a rustic atmosphere surrounding each subject. Whether it is a solitary longhorn, a ponderin' cowboy, or a horse and rider stirred in activity, each scene rekindles memories of days gone by.
Gerald and Patty Jones live in Fredericksburg, Texas where they continue to shape memories of family love and faith with all of their children and grandchildren, who live a short drive from their home.

SOLD images below refer to only one bronze being sold in the edition - additional pieces should be available. Contact the gallery.

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